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My Roots "Shorashim"

2nd ESO students complete a research project, going through the lives of their ancestors.

The 2nd ESO students have completed their Shorashim project in a festive setting with their families.  A project that rescues the enormous value of the family. To understand the History of the Jewish People, we must always go back to its origins, to its roots.


In a research setting, students traced the lives of their ancestors. They have studied Jewish life in the Diaspora, their migrations, the difficulties they have had to overcome, the achievements, the work and the effort to always keep our customs and traditions alive.


Today we feel stronger, because those roots are more solid and in some way work helps to be an active part of them. A work that speaks of memory and identity. Congratulations to the 2nd ESO students and their families for having contributed to the development and having achieved the success of this project!

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