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My roots

On March 11 and 12, the 2nd ESO students presented their Shorashim work in a colorful and multifaceted display of work, thus reflecting the journey made by each of them in these months of work.

The Shorashim Project, linked to the Department of Education of the Museum of the Diaspora “Beit Hatfutsot” is already traditional in our center. Year after year, students have the possibility to investigate their family and community roots, roots that they bring from the past and which we try to nurture in the present through school activity and study, so that our students know in the future to continue the Jewish life and being part of the chain of generations.

We have enjoyed a wonderful meeting where the students have represented their origins, their customs, and have paid tribute to their families. We thank each of the 19 families in 2nd year of ESO for their interest in work, for being enthusiastic with their children and supporting our work one hundred percent.

A work that speaks to us of identity and memory. The family story of each one of us shapes the history of the Jewish People. It helps us to know where we come from, but above all where we belong. This project undoubtedly helps to strengthen our roots, and therefore our identity. 

Cecilia Levit, coordinator of Secondary and the Avodat Shorashim Project

Project organized by the Beit Hatfutsot, on its twentieth anniversary

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