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In  Autumn Secondary students travel  to Córdoba and Lucena within the project Journey to the Jewish Quarters and study of important figures of Judaism.

During this trip the students have  a first contact with a representative character in the history of the Jewish people -  Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon - Rambam - Maimonides.  Cknow  his life and work, and the historical context in which his life developed in medieval Spain. Is a  opportunity to bring our students closer to their legacy through their own research, and then contrast them with other thinkers of the time.

Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon (Rambam - Maimonides) was one of the great men and thinkers of the Middle Ages and of all times. He was not simply a doctor, or a philosopher, or a Rabbi, because, in addition to reflecting on so many points of human knowledge, his philosophy, his work, his attitude to the world reflect above all an ethical way of life, with values that influence in the car  realization of human beings themselves, in society, in education, in politics, directed towards the search for a process of self-transformation.

For example, he considered that the main  The condition of human development was to achieve a healthy and stable society, which would guarantee the fundamental freedoms of the individual.  Despite the fact that his writings are more than 800 years old, we are amazed, in many cases, by their validity. Maimonides understood that faith and reason are compatible, that they are just two different approaches to the same truth. He understood that the health of the soul cannot be achieved without the health of the body, because soul and body are an indivisible unit. He believed in a tolerant, healthy Humanity, subject to ethical procedures, values and the laws of the soul, in order to build a future of peace for future generations.


Travel to the Jewish quarters and study of important characters of Judaism


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