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In the footsteps of Sepharad

As part of the annual project, "In the footsteps of Sepharad", our secondary school students visited the Jewish Quarter of Toledo.


The objective of the trip was to learn about the past of the Jews of Sepharad and at the same time strengthen the Jewish identity of our young people, learning about the challenges that that past represented and their differences and similarities with their current Jewish reality.


The students and their teachers were received by the Mayor of the city, Delegate of Tourism and Archdiocese in a ceremony held at the Toledo City Council. They toured the Jewish quarter, visited different synagogues and museums, and enjoyed a meeting with the students of the Colegio Maristas. They also took night walks around the city visiting the Cave-Museum of La España Mágica, and went hiking in the Pantano de Guajaraz.


It has been a fabulous experience. An intense program, full of emotions and great discoveries.

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