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  “Our students are demanding with the teachers and with themselves. They strive to stand out and stand out. They have their sights set on the best universities in the world and from here we prepare them to take international tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, etc ... "​

Small groups,



Individual treatment

Small groups have a positive impact on academic excellence while allowing personalized instruction.

Each student receives individualized treatment adapted to their personal characteristics and academic circumstances. Personalized tutoring is one of the pillars on which the centre's methodology is based. Each group has a tutor teacher who deals with issues such as coordinating relationships between teachers and students, conducting weekly tutorials in the classroom, stimulating integration and group interests, maintaining direct contact with families.

College and career guidance

Our students prepare the University Entrance Exams (PAU) with specific models, standard exams and official models. The psychopedagogical guidance office offers students and parents advice and guidance on the young person's university future, both national and foreign. We offer a program of "in company" activities to facilitate the integration of students into the professional world.

  “In the middle of the 1st quarter we participated in a project called Junior Achievement that consisted of sharing a day in a company with its professionals. This activity allowed me to go beyond what we learn in class and get to know the professionals' day-to-day life. "​


We have a team of specialized teachers in each area taught (economists, lawyers, chemists ...) as well as great applicators of new technology. They are young and dynamic, and have become a professional benchmark for our students.


Our students work with Digital Boards (PDI), an Educational Portal of their own management, and professional programs from the business world such as: Adobe Suite, Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Visual Basic, 3D Studio Max ... Some classes are developed using video systems -conferences with teachers or schools outside of Spain.

  "Of our high school I would highlight the small number of students and the personalized monitoring of each student"


Curricular training

With specific subjects such as mathematics, economics and economics applied to business.


Option A: Mathematics, technical drawing, physics and chemistry within the technological and engineering pathway.
Option B: Mathematics, biology and chemistry within the health path.

Baccalaureate students prepare and take official English exams to access foreign universities:



Continuing our tradition of excellence:
IB was introduced in 2017 


We put the world at the disposal of our students so that  do not find limits when it comes to developing university and professionally.   With the IB program they expand  their horizons and multiply their possibilities.

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Universities that graduates access 

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