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Activity Exchange between Students from Ibn Gabirol and our Friends of the ICS School of Madrid 

Back in December, ICS students visited us during our Hannukah celebrations. We welcomed them in the synagogue where we explained many things about Jewish symbols and traditions. We showed them the Torah and we taught them how to play with dreidels. As a present they each received a Sevivon.

It was a real pleasure for us to show them what jewish kids do around the Hollidays and the meaning that these have for us.


We had a great time!!!

This month, 3rd and 4th grade, were invited to an Assembly at the ICS school. It is close to our school, so we walked there. It was cold but sunny so we really enjoyed the walk. 


The Assembly took place in their auditorium. They were rehearsing a show about expeditions and famous explorers. It was a great story!! The ICS students travelled in a time machine! They visited lots of places and talked to the explorers they been learning about. We also learnt lots of interesting things through the show!! Did you know that Vikings' ships are called Knars and that the Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets? 


The music and the choreography in the show were great!!! We especially loved two songs; one was Bruno Mars' Uptown and the other was a Frozen parody called "It is cold". We couldn't help joining in and dancing with them.


After the show we sat down in groups and asked them questions about their school. We wanted to know about their break time and lunch food. Turns out they also have vegetable soups and no ice-cream!!!! 


Grisel Caston Di Ciurcio, English teacher.

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